Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review on Rei Agro : Avoid

Sir Please update me with your current view on Rei Agro, Because It sales is decreasing and generating losses, I am asking this question for long term holding. Thanks and Regards 
Dear Mahesh Ji , I am very much interested and follow your recommendation in shear market , As per your recommendation I have bought REI AGRO @3.10 now huge loss ...any how I want to be your follower to invest in shear market .  ..please reply . Thanks and regards ... 
1. In this blog I recommended Rei agro @3.10 on 7 augst 2014, Unfortunately now CMP of Rei Agro is 1.14 . 
2. When I publish Rei Agro article on this blog at this link http://mypennyshare.maheshkaushik.com/2014/08/rei-agro-ltd-310.html then I quote that promoters holding in Rei agro is 52.85% which is March 2014 holding and that time Rei agro not file june 2014 shareholding pattern with BSE, When we see June 2014 and Sept 2014 shareholding pattern then we find that promoters decrease their holding from 52.85 % to 39.53% and 37.40%. 
3. If you read my book then you knew that decreasing in promoters holding is a negative point for stock health, Promoters not only decrease their stake they pledged 33.99% stocks which is another negative point for stock future. 
4.When I publish above article then I already warn that stock year high/low ratio suggest " Something is wrong" and now all picture is clear. 
5. I am also hold 700 share of Rei Agro ( In my wife account). When you multiple 700*3 you find my original investment amount in Rei agro is 2100 only ,This is my style of investing in penny stock which i already describe in my book. ( That one should invest only INR 1000-2000 in penny stocks.)
6. In this style my maximum loss is caped in INR 2100 , but if stock recover and cross 20 ( Current net selling per share is still above 20 , So price of above 20 is still possible in long term if sales is not falling more) then my profit is 700*17=11900 and you knew my style that until my target price 20+  come I hold this share.
7. My currant view is negative for Rei agro and I suggest to avoid any fresh buy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

SEBI relaxation of 6 months to obtain a registration.

Respected Readers, 
In my earlier post I declared that I discontinue publishing of stock research reports on this blog due to SEBI regulation on research analysts. 
but now I will plan to apply for a grant of registration as research analysts and SEBI also give 6 months relaxation to prsent research analysts, So this blog will start update again in next 2-3 days.
Read my full comment on this issue here
Mahesh Kaushik

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Respected Readers
REGULATIONS, 2014" Will come in effect from 1 December 2014, So due to these regulation's without prior registration as a research analysts no one can post any company stock fundamentals on Internet , Print and Electronic media . 
Read these complete regulations here
So I am not a registered stock research analysts and due to compliance of "SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (RESEARCH ANALYSTS)
REGULATIONS, 2014"  from 01 December 2014 onwards This blog and all of my other blogs will updated with only educational points for investor and no any company name and stock data will publish on all of my blogs .
Mahesh Kaushik

Sunday, November 30, 2014


1.Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd  is a 1 rupee face value sugar compamy. 
2. Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd net selling per share is 70.22 in 2013-14 ,Currently shree renuka sugar is a loss making company so due to his high net sell per share when this stock come back in profit my price target is 75+
3. Promoters of Shree Renuka Sugars also increase their holding from 27.72% to 55.45 % and promoters are not foolish. 
4. Shree Renuka Sugars not pay regular dividends but in 2013 Shree Renuka Sugars pay 0.50 rupee per share dividend and in 2011 pay 1 rupee per share dividend that,s great. 
5. Year high of Shree Renuka Sugars ltd is 31.80 and year low 15.55 , Stock traded at 16.65 
6. So Shree Renuka Sugars ltd is the best multi-bagger penny stock for 2015 because we  see near 25 % jump in sept 2014 quarter selling also
7. I have no any share of Shree Renuka Sugars.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Alchemist Realty Ltd @4.39

1.Alchemist Realty Ltd is a 2 rupee face value realty company. 
2. Year high of Alchemist Realty Ltd is 6.84 year low 2.67 and CMP 4.39 
3. Promoters holding of Alchemist Realty Ltd is 45.45% and FII holding 21.41% ( Great FII holding in case of a penny stock.) 
4.Alchemist Realty Ltd give 0.10 rupee per share dividend since last 2 years. Only few of penny stocks are dividend paying and Alchemist realty is one of them.
5. Net selling per share per year is near 23.66, So my target for Alchemist Realty Ltd is 20+ ( In long term) ( If you are not familiar with this term then please refer my book)
6. Alchemist Group is launched in 1981 by Dr. K.D Singh, Alchemist Group is now a Rs. 10,000 Cr (100 Billion) group which is one of India's fastest growing Group . 
7. Discloser:- I have no any share of Alchemist Realty Ltd

Monday, October 27, 2014


I am happy to announce 28th profit booking of this blog this time we get 187.03% profit . 
This is really amazing and please remember that when i book profit then it never means " End of rally". 
You may still hold your position with appropriate stop loss.
I recommended MOREPEN LABORATORIES LTD in this blog at price of 4.32 in this article
Morepen lab
And now stock traded at 12.40
So this is 187.03% profit in our holding period near 9 months.
This is our 28 th profit booking new readers may see past performance of this blog here
Some of use-full tips for using these penny stock recommendations:-
Do not put huge amounts in penny stock. Invest only 1000-5000 rupees in penny stocks.
Do not worry if your holding period is large because all of these penny stocks are very risky and we put only 10 % of our total portfolio amount in penny stocks and treat it like a dead investment.
New readers please read my book for more details.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book 155.26% Profit In BLB Ltd

In this blog I recommended to buy BLB ltd @ 3.04 on 17 March 2013 Here are the link of this recommendation
Now CMP of BLB Ltd is 7.76 So we are on profit of 155.26% That,s Great. 
This is our 27 th profit booking.
 See past performance of this blog here 
And do not forget that we not book any loss in this blog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


1.VEER ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD is a 1 Rupee face value stock, In 2010 when Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd traded at 23 then I publish a reply on sharegenius blog that people may avoid this stock read this story here "Veer Energy "
2. When you read above article then you knew that in 2010 promoters reduce theire holding in Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd so I recommended to avoid it. 
3. Now after 4 year of correction this stock is traded at 4.11 and promoters holding is constant 35.53 % since last 4 years. Book value of this stock also improve at 6.08 So now Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd traded below book value. 
4. Last year net revenue per share of Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is near 9 ,that's good 
5. Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is a dividend paying stock and pay 0.06 Rupee per share dividend since last 4 years. 
6. Now I want to discuss recommendation  of confidence petroleum in my earlier article, someone buy confidence petro and now ask me that sir can i book loss...oh this is really painful situation to me where readers not read my full theory of investment..So for new readers I recommended that they first read my book" The Winning theory in stock market " to understand my theory. 
7. Overall i give a summery for those who not buy my book that we invest only 1000-4000 rupee in a penny stock and do not worry if stock fall we only book profit above 25% see past performance of this blog articles here 
Past performance of Penny share blog 
8. I have no any share of Veer Energy  Infrastructure ltd.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Confidence Petroleum India Limited @2.75

1.Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a 1 rupee face value oil marketing and distribution company.
2.Confidence Petroleum India Limited is traded at 2.75 only and year high of Confidence Petroleum India Limited is 3.48, year low 1.55, Which is slightly above 2
3. Net Revenue per share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited is 9.15 so I think this stock has steam to become a multibagger penny stock.
4. Confidence Petroleum India Limited Correct from price of 34.45 ( In 2008 Confidence Petroleum India Limited touch all time high 34.45) and now after 6 year of correction I think this is a right time to buy and forget Confidence Petroleum India Limited for penny stock speculation return in next rally in this stock.
5. New reader please do not forget that my penny share blog give speculative risky recommendations but if you visit my website maheshkaushik.com then you find fundamental sound recommendations.
6. Promoters holding in Confidence Petroleum India Limited is constant since last some years at 46.32 % . with 2.25% FII holding
7. I have no any share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited but as usual my wife ordered 1000 share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited.
8. Important Notice:- All of my 4 blogs are shifted in my main website maheshkaushik,com with a new look here are the new address of my blogs
My main website:- 
Mahesh Kaushik View about stocks blog:- http://sharegenius.maheshkaushik.com
My Penny share blog:-http://mypennyshare.maheshkaushik.com
Top Mutual funds in India blog:-http://mutualfundgenius.maheshkaushik.com

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited @ 9

1.Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited is a 10 rupee face value realty stock. 
2.Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited website is http://www.rflindia.org/ where you see more details about company coming projects. 
3.Promoters of Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited hold 51.79 % stake so  promoters holdings is good. 
4. Year high of Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited is 22.80 Year low 7.32 stock traded at 9. 
5.Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited Net earning per share in last year is 18.96 , This is good because stock traded at 50% discount of FY12-13 Net earning per share.
6. Ongoing projects of Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited are
 IBIS Fields @ Vandalur 
Mugalivakkam(Rajeswari Nagar Ph – I) 
Sunshine Suites Pallikaranai (Kamakotti Nagar) 
7. So we can buy it for a target of 15 to 25 in coming 1-2 years. 
8. Discloser:- I have no any share of Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rei Agro ltd @ 3.10

1. Rei Agro is a 1 rupee face value rice company.
2. When Rei Agro traded at 28 then I warn my blog readers that this stock may be traded below 10 and I also promise to my blog readers that if this stock available below 10 and stable on a right buying price then I publish an article on this blog.
3. New readers who not read my previous articles on Rei agro then first read it here
Rei Agro Stock Analysis 
4. Rei Agro year high 10.15 and year low 1.97 stock traded at 3.10, Year high low ratio is not stable below 2 ( this stock is still not full-fill all of stock choosing criteria s, So I not publish it on my strong fundamentals recommendations website, Only risky buying like other penny stock trading for  2-3 year will be recommended in this stock).
5. Net Earning per share of Rei Agro is 53.12 and book value is above 20 ( This is the main reason for recommending this stock at this level).
6. Promoters of Rei Agro hold 52.85% Stocks.
6. Due to high net earning per share I think if we hold this stock for 2-3 year then a rally will give us price of 20+  (If you are not familiar with my net earning per share concept or not read my book then read my book for more details.
7. I am also buying with you so my discloser :-I am hold 700 share of Rei Agro ltd
Rei agro latest news, rei agro stock analysis, rei agro stock recommendations.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd @ 10

1.Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd is a 10 rupee face value chemical company. 
2.Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd promoters hold 74.71% shares so promoters holding is good. 
3. Year high of Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd is 16.98 and Year low 8.11 stock traded at 10. 
4.From last 2 years Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd give 1 rupee per share dividend. 
5. No bulk deals since last 2 year but Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd give 2:3 Bonus in 2012 
6.Net Sell per share per year of this stock is 183 in last year so i think this stock have potential to become multibagger. 
7. I have no any stock of Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd but plan to buy in my wife d mat ac.

Book Your 148.38% Profits in Paras Petrofils ltd

Respected Readers 
I am Happy to Announce 26 th Profit booking of this blog recommendations. 
This time this profit booking is largest single profit booking 148.38% 
This profit book teaches my readers that good penny stocks are not bad if we invest with faith and patience. 
I recommended Paras petrofils on 10-08-2012 @ 0.31 per share, Read this article here http://mypennyshare.blogspot.in/2012/08/paras-petrofils-ltd-031-per-share.html 
Now price of Paras Petrofils is 0.77 
So I think this is the time to book profit. 
This is the 26th profit booking of this blog, Read past profit booking history of my penny share blog here 
 I am already booked profit on my holding of paras petrofils so I have no any share of Paras petrofils ltd.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Bhagwandas metals ltd @ 8.47

1.Bhagwandas metals ltd is a 10 rupee face value Iron products ltd. 
2.Bhagwandas metals ltd has exellant net revenue per share, It is near 149 per year. 
3.Bhagwandas metals ltd 52 week high is 11.25 and 52 week low 7.13, Stock traded at 8.47 this year high/low ratio is also below 2. 
4.Bhagwandas metals ltd promoters hold 63.01%, Exellant promoters holding. 
5.Bhagwandas metals ltd pay 0.60 Rupee dividend per year.
6.In 2013 This stock show many bulk deals at price of 9-10 but after that stock consolidate near 10 months. 
7.Discloser:-I have no any stock of Bhagwandas metals ltd but my wife plan to buy 342 share of Bhagwandas metals ltd in next trading session .

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book 40.11% Profit in Nocil Ltd.

Respected Readers,
In this blog I recommended NOCIL Ltd @17.20 on 28.04.2012 , read this article here
Fundamental of Nocil ltd
Now currant market price is 24.10 for Nocil ltd this is give us 40.11% profits and I am already book my profits in this stock.
So booking of 40.11 % net Tax free Profit is recommended in this stock.
This is our 25 th Profit booking in My Penny Share Stock Recommendations .
See past Profit booking of this blog Recommendations here
Profit Booking in Penny Stocks
Please Remember
1. Profit booking recommendations does not means the end of rally in Nocil Ltd.
2. But it is always wise to book profits because it secure our profit and rotate our money in other good but low price penny stock.

Book 76.64% Profit in BLB Ltd.

Respected Readers,
In this blog I recommended BLB Ltd @ 3.04 on 17.03.2013 
This is the link of this former article
And Happy to announce that currant market price is 5.37 for BLB ltd this is give us 74.64% profits Although My wife still hold this stock for a target of 8+ .
So booking of 74.64% net Tax free Profit is recommended in this stock.
This is our 24 th Profit booking in My Penny Share blog.
See past Profit booking of this blog Recommendations here
Performance of Mahesh Kaushik Recommended Penny Stocks
Please Remember
1. Profit booking recommendations does not means the end of rally in particular stocks and my wife still hold this stock.
2. I Recommended to book profit because It will secure-your profits and rotate your money in other good but low price penny stock.

Book 64.22% Profit in National Plastic ltd.

Respected Readers,
In this blog I recommended National Plastic Ltd @ 9 on 11.05.2013 New Readers Read This Article here
Target of National Plastic Ltd.
And I am Happy to announce that currant market price is 14.78 for National plastic ltd this is give us 64.22% profits and I am already book my profits in this stock.
So booking of 64.22 % net Tax free Profit is recommended in this stock.
This is our 23 th Profit booking in My Penny Share blog.
See past Profit booking of this blog Recommendations here
Profit Booking in Mahesh Kaushik Recommended Penny Stocks
Please Remember
1. Profit booking recommendations does not means the end of rally in particular stocks.
2. We book profit because we want to secure it and rotate our money in other good but low price penny stock.

Friday, May 2, 2014


1. INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD is a 10 rupee face value Iron and Steel company. 
2.Promoters holding in INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD IS 49.88% and FII holding 7.20 % DII holding 1.97 % . This is very good stock holding pattern for a penny stock because generally we see that FII and DII are not hold a penny stock but due to other strong fundamental of INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD they hold it. 
3.INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD never give dividends and have recent bulk deals this is the reason that i put this stock in my penny share blog instead of my website (www.maheshkaushik.com) because if a stock have a good chance for bull run but not fulfill all of my book criteria like dividend paying , no bulk deal in last 2 year etc ( Read my book for more details of choosing a safe winning stock )then i put it in my penny share blog and if stock full fill all of my book criteria then i put it on my website. 
4. INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD Net earning per year per share for 2013-13 is 5.43. 
5. INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD make new year high in 2 may 2014 and belong to T group so I think something is cooking in March 2014 result so if you buy this stock then do not forget it is a risky buy not a fundamental holding buy.
6. I have no any share of INDIA STEEL WORKS LTD.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

INDIABULLS POWER LTD @8.53 (RattanIndia Power Ltd)

1.INDIABULLS POWER LTD is a 10 rupee face value power stock. ( Update on 19.04.2015:-Indiabulls Power has informed that pursuant to issuance by the Registrar of Companies NCT of Delhi & Haryana, of the fresh certificate of incorporation dated October 30, 2014, the name of the Company stands changed from Indiabulls Power Ltd to RattanIndia Power Ltd with effect from the said date.)

2. Year high of INDIABULLS POWER LTD is 9.85 and year low 5.25 so this ratio is below 2.  ( When a stock down more then 50 % within a year then i avoid it because in these type of stocks where year high/low ratio cross 2,  stock may not recover in  coming 2-3 years). 
3.INDIABULLS POWER LTD Amrawati and Nasik units are start earnings and this is the right time to buy this stock I always warn people to subscribe a new IPO of a zero earning company because when a new zero earning company collect money through IPO then starting 2-3 year company have Nil revenue and market settle down his price in a fair value. 
4.For example INDIABULLS POWER LTD IPO come in 2009 with a price band of INR 40-45. When this IPO is come The company has five thermal power projects under development, which will have a combined installed capacity of 6,615 MW so in his 5 year of development the IPO investors get nothing. 
4. Now INDIABULLS POWER LTD start selling of power and still run in loss so market price of INDIABULLS POWER LTD is 8.53 only. 
5. I believe that in coming 1-2 year stock turn around in a profit making company and we will get a decent return. 
6. Promoters holding in INDIABULLS POWER LTD is 60.79 % FII holding 2.16 % DII holding 60.84% these are good. 
7. I have no any share of INDIA BULLS POWER LTD.
8. Readers are advised to download my free Sharegenius app from google play store because in this app My 4 stock market related blog given in 4 tabs and visit each tab once a week for new updates. This app also a tab for BSE quotes.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


1.ESSAR SHIPPING LTD is a 10 rupee face value shipping stock.Essar Oilfields Services provides contract drilling and related services to oil and gas companies worldwide, operating both offshore and onshore. It owns a fleet of 16 rigs, which includes one semi-submersible rig and 15 onshore rigs. 
2. Book value of ESSAR SHIPPING LTD is 250.85 annd stock traded at 15.28 so this is a value buying. 
3. Promoters holding in ESSAR SHIPPING LTD is 75 % and FII holding 9.16 % 
4. 52 week high of ESSAR SHIPPING LTD is 24.80 and 52 week low 13. 
5. ESSAR SHIPPING LTD never give a dividend. 
6.During Q3FY14, the Company registered consolidated revenue of Rs.452.77 Crore, EBITDA of Rs.145.54 Crore and Net Loss of Rs.86.24 Crore. For the corresponding quarter of last year, the Company registered consolidated revenue of Rs.792.66 Crore, EBITDA of Rs.221.68 Crore and Net Profit of Rs.17.85 Crore. The consolidated revenue for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2013 stood at Rs.1,492.03 Crore, EBITDA at Rs.587.59 Crore and Net Loss at Rs.78.03 Crore and for the corresponding period of last year, revenue was Rs.2,515.79 Crore, EBITDA of Rs.691.91 Crore and Net Profit of Rs.35.75 Crore. The reduction in revenue was due to scale down of logistics services by Essar Logistics Limited (ELL) and due to the currently depressed spot freight markets 
7. I have no any share of ESSAR SHIPPING LTD.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


In this blog is recommended Firstsource solutions @ 13 per share at 14.09.2011 new readers read this article here
Now i think CMP 27.85 is sufficient to get your 114.23% profit in this stock (I am not bearish in first source solution but recommended whole or partial profit booking because realize your profits and invest principle amount in other stocks is always a good policy in stock market).
This is our 22 Th profit booking in penny stocks
See past profit bookings here

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Morepen lab @ 4.32

Recently i publish a detail reply about morepen lab on my sharegenius blog i think this penny share is a good buy for speculative stock lovers ,here is some quick features of this penny stock  Morepen laboratories ltd is a 2 rupee face value face value pharma share and  Current market price of morepen lab is 4.32 Year high of morepen lab is 5.79 and year low 2.05 
Promoters holding in Morepen lab is 35.54% and FII holding 13.01 % Read more detail on my sharegenius blog at this link
One of my blog reader ask that i publish below 20 rupee share in my penny share blog but some of share below 20 rupee like country club india ltd etc also publish on my website www.maheshkaushik.com so what is the differance on stock publish in both of platform penny share blog and maheshkaushik.com website?
Ok, Please note that stock publish on my penny share blog are risky "buy" and they not full fill all of my stock chosen criterias but stock publish on my website are less risky because before publishing stocks on my website i scan all of fundamentals points which i discuss in my book .
key words:- target of morepen lab 2014 stock price morepen lab penny share of 2014

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