Monday, June 30, 2014

Bhagwandas metals ltd @ 8.47

1.Bhagwandas metals ltd is a 10 rupee face value Iron products ltd. 
2.Bhagwandas metals ltd has exellant net revenue per share, It is near 149 per year. 
3.Bhagwandas metals ltd 52 week high is 11.25 and 52 week low 7.13, Stock traded at 8.47 this year high/low ratio is also below 2. 
4.Bhagwandas metals ltd promoters hold 63.01%, Exellant promoters holding. 
5.Bhagwandas metals ltd pay 0.60 Rupee dividend per year.
6.In 2013 This stock show many bulk deals at price of 9-10 but after that stock consolidate near 10 months. 
7.Discloser:-I have no any stock of Bhagwandas metals ltd but my wife plan to buy 342 share of Bhagwandas metals ltd in next trading session .

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