Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book 76.64% Profit in BLB Ltd.

Respected Readers,
In this blog I recommended BLB Ltd @ 3.04 on 17.03.2013 
This is the link of this former article
And Happy to announce that currant market price is 5.37 for BLB ltd this is give us 74.64% profits Although My wife still hold this stock for a target of 8+ .
So booking of 74.64% net Tax free Profit is recommended in this stock.
This is our 24 th Profit booking in My Penny Share blog.
See past Profit booking of this blog Recommendations here
Performance of Mahesh Kaushik Recommended Penny Stocks
Please Remember
1. Profit booking recommendations does not means the end of rally in particular stocks and my wife still hold this stock.
2. I Recommended to book profit because It will secure-your profits and rotate your money in other good but low price penny stock.

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