Saturday, June 26, 2010


Triton corp. is other penny stock in my buying list.
I decided to buy 3000 share of triton corp ltd @ 0.50 this is a KPO services company.
With very wonderful promoter holding of 70.67 % and 1.12 percent FII holding.
Triton corp ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 company.
Face value of triton corp is 1 rupee.
You may visit company website
Book value of triton corp ltd is 2.65
52 week high of triton corp is 1.20 and low 0.40
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I decided to buy 3000 shares of kanika infotech ltd @ 0.50 ( investment 1500 ) for a short term target of 0.70+ ( I think you may fix your own target with your greed and risk capacity)
kanika infotech ltd is a 2 rupee face value IT software company .
BSE code of kanika infotech ltd is 532367.
Promoter holding only 4.38 percent. 52 week high of kanika info is 0.98 and 52 week low 0.42 only. Book value of kanika infotech is 2.10
if you want to visit site of kanika infotech ltd then visit
I wonder when I see client list of kanika infotech ltd this is the client list of company as per his website
Cybertron Inc. Swap Mill Inc Tierware Inc Yale Law College Widecom Inc

Al Abbas Eurotouristik GmbH MicroData Systems GmbH Surjeet-Reena GmbH
AP Roads & Buildings Deptt Century Plyboard (I) Ltd. Bhuwalka Real Estates Bikash Somani Securities Ltd. Eastern Coalfields Ltd Garden Reach Ship Builders & Engineers G R Polyfilms Pvt. Ltd. Indian Railways (CLW) Jaya Shree Textiles Ltd. Magma Leasing Company (I) Ltd. Mega Coat Pvt. Ltd. Socio Economic Development Program Sunil Polypack Ltd. Zodiac Express Pvt. Ltd.
Bemaseat Management Services Danfoss Industries Ezzy Bzzy Net Services Fast Track Technologies Pte. Ltd. Inovis Consultancy Pte Ltd. MediaOne Pte. Ltd. Win Win Connection Pte. Ltd. Sita n Equant

key words:- can buy sell hold kanika infotech globel solution fundamentals of kanika info

Monday, June 21, 2010


I try to buy 2143 share of pan India corporation ltd this week @0.70 or below. Face value of this share is 10 rupees and I think this is lowest price 10 rupee face value share. BSE code 511525.Book value of this share is 2.80 promoter holding 14.70 percent. This is an IT software company.
Neat Developers Ltd, Shalini Dhoop Ltd, Agarwal Fincap Pvt Ltd these Companies have become wholly owned subsidiaries of Pan India Corporation Ltd. Hence by virtue of sec 42 of companies act, 1956 they do not carry voting rights.
Duggal Contractors & Traders Pvt Ltd is the promoter of pan India ltd share
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Friday, June 18, 2010


I think you may remember I buy allied computers international asia ltd bse scrip code 532919 @0.39 in 14 may 2010 and share run 28 percent in 1 months close price on 18.06.2010 is 0.50
So this week I try to book profit in my 2nd penny share allied computer near about 0.60 or 0.70. I book my first 50%profit in kirti finvest new name sagar production this share currently close at 0.60 ( 75% up from my buying price)
Now we share some of fundamentals of allied computers international with you
1. allied comp is a hardware company with 1 rupees face value.
2.Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd has informed BSE that the members at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Company held on May 15, 2010, have accorded the following:

a. The Proposal of merger was deferred until further feasibility study.

b. It was decided to make the face value of shares to 10/- per share.

c.. It was decided to increase the authorized capital to Rs. 50 Crore.

d.. It was decided to further raise the paid up capital by issuing 3.1 crores equity shares of Rs. 10/- each byway of right issue on such terms and conditions as the directors may deem think fit.
3. promoter holding in allied computers international asia ltd is 24.23 percent
4. Dicksha Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., is the subcidary of allied computers
5. book value of this share is 1.15
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Respected readers
I buy kirti finvest (currant name is sagar production ltd bse scrip code 532092) @0.37 in 10.05.2010 in my first list of penny stocks. Currently close on 0.54 so this penny share give us near about 50 percent profit in 35 days.

You remember my policy of investing in penny share. When I start this concept I make a rule to book 100 % profit so as this rule we will wait price of 0.74 but now my plan to make some change in penny stock trading rules. So it is good to book profit in kirti finvest at price of 0.55.
I notice that all of these penny stocks is trading stocks and give 15 percent return easily in very short periods. So why we can not play in these share for short term profit.
2nd thing when I declare my buying list of penny stocks I can not adjust price according to face value for example if a 1 rupee face value stock “X”market price is 0.33 and 10 rupee face value stock “Y”market price is 2.00 then which stock is cheap? The cheap stock is “Y” because if we adjust “X” stock price as 10 rupees face value then it is 3.30 not 0.33.
So I start to make a fresh list of penny stocks with there face value book value and promoter holding. Before we apply this revised concept first we book all of our old holding in some profit so I decided to book kirti finvest first in 50 percent profit.
Summery of trading in kirti finvest:-

Buy 1500 share @0.37 investment 555
Sell 1500 share @0.55 and gain 825
Profit 825-555=270
Net profit=235
Holding period 35 day

In our next list we increase investment quantity 5000 from 500 and try to book 15 percent profit in a trade.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


1. indtradeco ltd is a 1 rupees face value share of BSE currently traded at 0.25 only this is the lowest value share at BSE on June 2, 2010
2. scrip code for indtradeco is 504336
3. this is a B group company
4. promoter holding for this share is 31.23 percent , normal
5. indtradeco ltd YEAR LOW 0.25 YEAR HIGH 0.93
6. Book value of indtradeco is 1.07
7.Indtradeco Limited incorporated since past 25 years has been delivering consistent quality and service in the field of high pressure water jet cleaners, household and industrial vacuum cleaners, handy vacuum cleaners, mechanical sweepers, steam cleaners, glass cleaners, etc.
8. I hold 1700 share of indtradeco ltd.

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