Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Respected readers
I buy kirti finvest (currant name is sagar production ltd bse scrip code 532092) @0.37 in 10.05.2010 in my first list of penny stocks. Currently close on 0.54 so this penny share give us near about 50 percent profit in 35 days.

You remember my policy of investing in penny share. When I start this concept I make a rule to book 100 % profit so as this rule we will wait price of 0.74 but now my plan to make some change in penny stock trading rules. So it is good to book profit in kirti finvest at price of 0.55.
I notice that all of these penny stocks is trading stocks and give 15 percent return easily in very short periods. So why we can not play in these share for short term profit.
2nd thing when I declare my buying list of penny stocks I can not adjust price according to face value for example if a 1 rupee face value stock “X”market price is 0.33 and 10 rupee face value stock “Y”market price is 2.00 then which stock is cheap? The cheap stock is “Y” because if we adjust “X” stock price as 10 rupees face value then it is 3.30 not 0.33.
So I start to make a fresh list of penny stocks with there face value book value and promoter holding. Before we apply this revised concept first we book all of our old holding in some profit so I decided to book kirti finvest first in 50 percent profit.
Summery of trading in kirti finvest:-

Buy 1500 share @0.37 investment 555
Sell 1500 share @0.55 and gain 825
Profit 825-555=270
Net profit=235
Holding period 35 day

In our next list we increase investment quantity 5000 from 500 and try to book 15 percent profit in a trade.


Kishor Barhate said...

Great exercise..u have rightly concluded that scale need to be increased...pls do post next

mahesh chander kaushik (डुगडुगी) said...

yes sir ,
as i mention frankly that i am new in world of penny share ...but now i think i mix my fundamental knowldage with penny speculation and find out more great resulet soon...sure i post all of penny share fundamental step by step on this blog.. thanks for your support and faith

Mrs. Ballal said...

Hello Mr.Mahesh...!!! I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Every post seems great information. Carry on the work...Best wishes

mahesh chander kaushik (डुगडुगी) said...

thanks mrs.ballal

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