Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd @ 10

1.Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd is a 10 rupee face value chemical company. 
2.Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd promoters hold 74.71% shares so promoters holding is good. 
3. Year high of Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd is 16.98 and Year low 8.11 stock traded at 10. 
4.From last 2 years Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd give 1 rupee per share dividend. 
5. No bulk deals since last 2 year but Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd give 2:3 Bonus in 2012 
6.Net Sell per share per year of this stock is 183 in last year so i think this stock have potential to become multibagger. 
7. I have no any stock of Pentokey Organay (India) Ltd but plan to buy in my wife d mat ac.


vishu said...

But i saw countinues losses in qtr

Anonymous said...

Sir can you analyse Basant agro tech. It is listed on BSE and currently trading around Rs.7

Unknown said...

Sir where can i see ur latest stock tips which u recommened

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

for latest stock tips visit home page of or home page of regards

Unknown said...

Sir you can analyse cerbraint

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

CEREBRA INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES LTD has huge bulk deals that are the sign of speculations, year high/low 28/9 is higher then 2, No dividend, Poor promoters holding near 4 % only so this is a pure speculative run and Avoid in my view.

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