Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review on Rei Agro : Avoid

Sir Please update me with your current view on Rei Agro, Because It sales is decreasing and generating losses, I am asking this question for long term holding. Thanks and Regards 
Dear Mahesh Ji , I am very much interested and follow your recommendation in shear market , As per your recommendation I have bought REI AGRO @3.10 now huge loss ...any how I want to be your follower to invest in shear market .  ..please reply . Thanks and regards ... 
1. In this blog I recommended Rei agro @3.10 on 7 augst 2014, Unfortunately now CMP of Rei Agro is 1.14 . 
2. When I publish Rei Agro article on this blog at this link http://mypennyshare.maheshkaushik.com/2014/08/rei-agro-ltd-310.html then I quote that promoters holding in Rei agro is 52.85% which is March 2014 holding and that time Rei agro not file june 2014 shareholding pattern with BSE, When we see June 2014 and Sept 2014 shareholding pattern then we find that promoters decrease their holding from 52.85 % to 39.53% and 37.40%. 
3. If you read my book then you knew that decreasing in promoters holding is a negative point for stock health, Promoters not only decrease their stake they pledged 33.99% stocks which is another negative point for stock future. 
4.When I publish above article then I already warn that stock year high/low ratio suggest " Something is wrong" and now all picture is clear. 
5. I am also hold 700 share of Rei Agro ( In my wife account). When you multiple 700*3 you find my original investment amount in Rei agro is 2100 only ,This is my style of investing in penny stock which i already describe in my book. ( That one should invest only INR 1000-2000 in penny stocks.)
6. In this style my maximum loss is caped in INR 2100 , but if stock recover and cross 20 ( Current net selling per share is still above 20 , So price of above 20 is still possible in long term if sales is not falling more) then my profit is 700*17=11900 and you knew my style that until my target price 20+  come I hold this share.
7. My currant view is negative for Rei agro and I suggest to avoid any fresh buy.


Narendra Kumar said...

You are very frank and owning up the responsibility. Many people who give stock tips, don't even answer the questions when their stocks go down!

Anyway, I have one quick question.
You have mentioned about the promoter holding going down over a period and the pledging of the share going up.
So, I want to know, how do you find out these information.
I know how to find the current holding of promoters. But, how to find out whether their holding is going up or coming down over a period of time?
In the same way, how do you check the information regarding pledging of shares?

I think, this is very crucial information and will definitely help us in making a decision.

Please share your views on this.


Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

Thank you Narendra ji for your comment you can find pledged share information on BSE india website

Unknown said...

You can find it in other websites too,I use money control

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

thank you varaprasad boddu ji

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