Thursday, November 12, 2015

Syncom Healthcare Ltd @ 6.94

1. Syncom Healthcare Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Pharmaceuticals company.

2. Year high of Syncom Healthcare Ltd is 9.87 year low was 4.49 and stock traded at 6.94, Year high/ low ratio is  not below 2 so as my theory current market price is not stable , but year high 9.87 date was 13.11.2014 so I think after 15.11.2015 this ratio is stable below 2 as my theory (Caution:-result of this stock is come on 14.11.2015 so volatility in price is expected)
If you are new reader of my blog and not familiar with my research terms then please see my research terms at this link:-

3. Promoters of Syncom Healthcare Ltd hold 25 %FII hold 4.95 % and DII hold nil%. Promoters not pledged any stok so this is an another good point.
4.Syncom Healthcare Ltd Not give any dividend in past years.
5. No any bonus issue right issue and bulk deals is recorded  in last 2 year.
6. Syncom Healthcare Ltd net sale per share of Fy 14-15 is 15.46.
7. Net sale per share 15.46 is 2.25 time higher then CMP 6.94 so this stock have potential to give decent returns.
8. Book value of Syncom Healthcare Ltd is 40.55 CMP is also lower   then book value, so in book value concept this stock is a value buy.
8. IPO of this company was come in 2010 at price band of 65-75 and IPO was more then 5 time subscribe. So after a 5 year negative returns I think this is the time of cycle change.
9. 200 DMA of Syncom Healthcare Ltd is 6.49 So at CMP 6.94 Syncom Healthcare Ltd give a positive breakout above 200 DMA I first time add this technical analysis point in my fundamental analysis because some trader also follow my recommendations and if they not get quick trading returnus in my recommendation then they disapointed so from today I try to publish stock recommendations which positivaly breakout recently .
Click here to download last 3 year closing price with graph
10. My recent updates :- Goa Carbon Ltd
11.Discloser:- I Mahesh Chander Kaushik author of this research report is an existing research analyst and passed NISM certification for research analysts. I am also registered under SEBI(RESEARCH ANALYSTS) REGULATIONS, 2014 ( SEBI Registration Number INH 100000908 ) hereby disclose about my financial interest in the subject company and the nature of such financial interest:- 1 Me and my associates or relatives have not hold any share of Syncom Healthcare Ltd so my personal interest is not included in this stock. 2. Me and my associates or relatives have not any actual/beneficial ownership of one percent or more securities of the subject company ( Syncom Healthcare Ltd). 3. Me and my associates or relatives have not any other material conflict of interest at the time of publication of the research report. 4. Me and my associates or relatives have not  received any type of compensation from the subject company(Syncom Healthcare Ltd) in the past twelve months. 5. I am not served as an officer, director or employee of the subject company ( Syncom Healthcare Ltd). 6. I have been not engaged in market making activity for the subject company (Syncom Healthcare Ltd).


make_money said...

Dear sir....I am learning lot's from your fundamental recommendation. .
But this recommendation I feel some queries
1: promote r holding is not very good percentage. 2: it's not a devdend sharing company.
Why u recommend this stock.

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

Respected sir
1. Promoters holding is 25% with zero pledged share generally we avoid a stock where promoters holding below 20% or promoters pledged his stocks or promoters reduce his holding.
2.syncom healthcare not give dividends, I give only dividend paying stock tips on my fundamental tips home page but in this penny share blog dividend paying is not a strict condition for recommendation.
3.From this tip first time I add technical point ( stock breakout above 200 DMA ) and I wonder that stock run 20%+ within oneday and traded at 8.32 after my recommendation.

make_money said...

Thnx for quick reply.
Today I can't enter in this trade . cos its run very fast

VikkieK said...

Sir, can I buy it at cmp 11.40 for 2 years, 500 shares...?
Can it will be a multibagger stock...?
Iam new to the market.

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

No I already recommended book profit in this stock at this link
Book Proft in Syncom Health

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