Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Book your 96.71% profits in Compucom Software Ltd @20.99

Respected Readers, 
I am happy to announce 37 th profit booking of this blog. 

See our last 36 profit booking details here where all profits are above 25 % to 200 %:- 
I Recommended Compucom Software Ltd on 24 Sept 2016 @ 10.67 see original article where I posted this stock recommendation here:- 
After this recommendation stock touch, new 52 weeks high 22.02 on 1 Nov 2016 So actually stock gives 100%+ return,
 But when we calculate return on closing price then it is 96.71%, and due to this sell call, it is also possible that on 02.11.2016 stock open below closing price.
Why I Recommended to Sell: - One of my blog reader and follower Shri Akash Rughani from Mumbai sent a link to me.
Where we see promoters insider trading and this link show promoters reduce their holdings at higher levels.
You may also see this link here:-
Respected Akash Rughani Ji
Thank you very much for giving attention to this issue and So many thanks for sending this link
I salute you and pray God bless you for your good research.
As a prize, you win a free copy of my new book which is in progress and will be published during next month.
Details of my new book: - I am writing a new book in Chandu and Chinki style. It will take near one month to complete and in this book I tell a whole trading cum investment method that how to make an MS Excel Sheet which automatically show when to invest and when to exit from any stock.
This will help you to invest the large amount in a single stock.
This new book is India's first stock market fiction cum learning book. When my work is complete, I will notify you through this blog.

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