Friday, September 23, 2011


1. KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD is a 10 rupee face value iron and steel company plus KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD also produce cements and paints etc.
2. book value of kamdhenu ispat ltd is 38.68 so this is a value buying.
3. promoter holding of KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD is 54.25%
4. read more details at
5. I have no any stocks of KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD.


1. BLS INFOTECH LTD is 1 rupee face value penny stock currently traded at 0.30 only.
2. Book value of BLS INFOTECH LTD is 1.01 so it is a value buy.
3. Face value of BLS INFOTECH LTD is only 1 rupee .
4. Year high of BLS INFOTECH LTD is 0.71 and year low 0.28
5. Promoters holding of BLS INFOTECH LTD is 64.20%, I wonder to see high promoters holding in this penny stock , and check details of promoters but not find any problem ( generally when stock operators want to speculate in a script than some time these group of stock operators declarers himself as promoters because they want to hide low promoters holding of particular script but I not find this type problem in this script.)
6.BLS INFOTECH LTD is a IT software company and I think this is a good penny stocks so my view is positive for BLS INFOTECH LTD but please remember risk is always included in penny stocks trading.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Respected readers,
due to your demand i again started my penny share blog, all old deleted post will recover in this blog in there original location and stock below price 20 rupee is considered in this blog so today we discuss on FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD.
1.FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD is a BPO/KPO company which promoted by icici bank ltd.
2. IPO of FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD is come at the price of 64 in 2007.
3. After the IPO promoter (icici) continue dilute their holding in FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD from 24 % to now it is stable at 19.86 % so after stable of promoter holding at 19.86 % in last two quarter i think stock price also stable near 13.
4. Now I think FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD is coming multibagger because it is easy take over target for multinational IT companies in near future.
5. Book value of FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD is 21.42 so this is a value buying.
6. From June 2010 to June 2011 we see 12 % growth in net revenue so i think this bottom line growth soon be reflate in price also.
7. I have no any stock of FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD.

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