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1. Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd is an 1 rupee face value diversified business company stock.
2. Now I give you some short details of "Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd" business
A. Storage Tank:-The Ruchi Infra has a widespread network of storage terminals at 7 major ports in India and five railway siding Terminals. It was the first to construct storage tanks for edible oils in the state of Kerala at Kochi in the year 1996 and since then have constructed around 2 lakhs tons of storage capacity at major ports (Jamnagar, Haldia, Mangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Kandla & Karwar) and 13 tanks having 27,299 KL storage capacity at the railway siding terminals (Kanpur, Doraha, Jaipur, Hyderabad & Cuttack). 
B.Jetty:-Ruchi Infra has set up its own Jetty at Rosy pier in Jamnagar, Gujarat for handling liquid cargo as well as dry cargo with full-fledged testing laboratory and material handling system.
C.Warehouses:- Ruchi Infra providing state of art international standard warehouses with average capacity of more than 12000 MT at each location. Electronic weighbridge at each location having capacity 50 MT. 
D.REAL ESTATE:- Also engaged in apartment buildings.
E.Edible Oiles:-The Ruchi Infra is also involved in the refining of edible oils and manufacturing of vanaspati and has installed production facilities at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The total installed capacity is as follows: 
Edible Oil : 240,000 MTPA 
Vanaspati : 120,000 MTPA 
Texturised Soya Protein: 15,000 MTPA 
3. Year high of Ruchi Infra is 14.38 and Year low 6.89 So Year high/Year low ratio of Ruchi Infra is above 2 
( If you not familiar with terms using in my stock analysis then please refer:- Year High and Year low uses in fundamental analysis.)
This is right that I am not like to invest in stocks which year high/low ratio is above 2 and this is the reason that I put this stock on my penny share recommendations not on home page of my website 
But if we see year high 14.89 date 15.09.14 then we easily understand that if ruchi soya is not fall more from here then this ratio may be stable below 2 within 1 month ( because on 24 sept 2014 this stock traded on 13.48 so after 24 Sept 2015 Year high for ruchi soya is considered as 13.48 then ratio of 13.48/6.89 is equal to 1.95) so this is the reason that I ignore this year high/low ratio in this stock. 
4. Ruchi infra is a dividend paying stock and only few of penny stocks pay regular dividends see this past dividend history of ruchi infra:-
EX DatePurpose
16/09/2015Dividend 0.06
22/09/2014Dividend 0.06
23/08/2013Dividend 0.06
20/09/2012Dividend 0.06
28/09/2011Dividend 0.08
5.Stock have recent bulk deals at price of 8.50 ( my regular readers knew that I ignore a stock which have recent bulk deals) but after these bulk deals promoters holding is increase so I think reason of these bulk deals is " Promoters Buying" So why not we buy this stock @7.21 which promoters buy them @8.50 from open market? 
6. Promoters holding in Ruchi Infra is 58.16% they increase it from 54.46% ( I like increasing promoters holding) See this list of companies where promoters increase their holdings:- ( 25 Companies where promoters increase stake) but on of promoter name Umesh Shahra pledged his 100 percent holding which is 4.02% of total promoters holding so in line of 58.16% total promoters holding 4.02% pledged stocks are normal and ignorable.
7. Net sale per share per year for FY 14-15 is INR 51.62 See this you-tube video to understand how net sale per share is calculated and used by me for predicting target price of a stock:-
In English:-
In Hindi:-
8. Base price of Ruchi infra is 15.93 so we are buy @ 50 % discount of base price, new readers please refer my book for base price "Buy Now"
Click here to download last 3 year closing price with graph
9. Book value of Ruchi Infra is 8.50 So our buying price is below then book value, Read more details here " Book Value of Indian Stocks"
10. If you not download my app from google play then download it from here " Sharegenius App
11.Discloser:- I Mahesh Chander Kaushik author of this research report is an existing research analyst and passed NISM certification for research analysts. I am also registered  under SEBI(RESEARCH ANALYSTS) REGULATIONS, 2014 ( SEBI Registration Number INH 100000908 ) hereby disclose about my financial interest in the subject company and the nature of such financial interest:- 1 Me and my associates or relatives have not hold any share of ruchi infra so my personal interest is included in this stock. 2. Me and my associates or relatives have not any actual/beneficial ownership of one percent or more securities of the subject company (ruchi infra ). 3. Me and my associates or relativeshave not any other material conflict of interest at the time of publication of the research report. 4. Me and my associates or relatives have not not received any type of compensation from the subject company(ruchi infra ) in the past twelve months. 5. I am not served as an officer, director or employee of the subject company(ruchi infra ). 6. I have been not engaged in market making activity for the subject company(ruchi infra ).

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