Saturday, December 14, 2013

Biral cotsyn, Teledata info and Ind Tradeco ltd

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Dear Maheshji Please advice on the following dumb investments that I made: 
 Birla Cotsyn Share: Bought at 0.43 now at 0.11 (Biggest Loss as I bought 30,000 shares) 
Teledata Technology: Bought at 0.33 now at 0.12 (25,000 shares) 
Intradeco: Bought at 0.22 now at 0.16 (20,000 shares) 
Kind Regards
 Samir K Pawaskar 
1.Samir ji, Birla cotsyn is a 1 rupee face value textile stock with 18.52% promoters holding 52 week high of birla cotsyn is 0.20 and 52 week low is 0.08 stock traded at 0.10, In 2009 stock spilt from 10 rupee face value to 1 rupee face value and in 2010 birla cotsyn give bonus share at 1:5 ratio 
2.So stock of birla cotsyn is not bad but if you read my book then you knew that after stock split and bonus issue a stock enter in 2-3 year rest zone.
3. In birla cotsyn you already see most of bad time and now i think birla cotsyn is neat his bottom and a after a revival plan of company if stock is not de listed then you get your price again in coming months. ( some time revival plan come with delisting like gujrat sidhee cement company  reduce stock quantity to repay debt ) 
4.Teledata technology already suspended and delisted so it is very hard to make any comment about future of a suspended company. 
5.Ind tradeco ltd have a good positive sign of recovery because promoters of ind tradeco ltd increase their holding from 29.86% to 30.43 % and increasing in promoters holding is always a good sign for me. 
6. Overall remember these golden penny stock investing rules
 * Not buy huge quantity in penny stocks.
 * Do not buy after a recent bonus and split issue. 
* do not buy if year high / low ratio is above 2. 
7. Discloser:- I am not hold birla cotsyn and teledata info but Indtradco is in my personal holding

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Respected followers,
 At 23.09.2011 i suggest kamdhenu ispat ltd @ 18.25 so after a holding near 1.5 year and enjoy your dividend in holding period i think it is OK to book our 47.39%  profits in kamdhenu ispat ltd which is now traded @ 26.90.
 I already book profit in my 200 share of kamdhenu ispat ltd and hold 200 more share which i buy a lower price of 15.25.
 Read past profit booking of this blog recommendations here


Recently i restructured my website and start giving a new stock every week which is fulfill all of my stock choosing criteria which i describe my book the winning theory in stock market. 
Manali petrochemical ltd and National plastic industries ltd are 2 new stock recommendation on my website
Both stocks are traded @9 and i think both are good long term holdings for more than one year. 
Manali petro and national plastics have good net revenue per share and all other fundamentals are also good.
 I'm hold 350 shars of Manali petro so this is my discloser.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Buy BLB Ltd @3.04

Today I told you a good penny stock , This is BLB Ltd with good promoters holding and decent other fundamentals.
BLB Limited is the flagship company of the BLB group.
BLB Ltd has been one of the leading liquidity providers to the equity and derivative markets in India.
BLB Ltd was incorporated in 1981 and is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and BSE Limited (BSE).
BLB Limited has been ranked among the top 10 traders by BSE Limited.
The Company has been one of the largest players in the Indian stock market . read full details about this penny stock on my website
I have no any share of BLB Ltd.

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