Thursday, January 15, 2015

Modern Dairies Ltd @15.95

1. Respected Readers, You are happy to knew that now I applied for a registration as research analyst under SEBI research analysts regulations 2014, So from this research reports we follow all the points of new regulations. 
2. Today we discuss about " Modern Dairies Ltd" stock which quick fundamentals are:- 
Stock name:-Modern Dairies Ltd 
Face Value:-10 
Nature of business:- Packaged foods,
CMP(BSE):-15.95 as on 15.01.2015 4.00 PM
Year high:-22.50
Year low:-9.51
3. Promoters of Modern Dairies Ltd hold 45.69% stocks and pledged holding is nil. So I choose this stock for my recommendation because no any major change in promoter holding since last 4 quarter and no any pledged share.
4. FII holding in Modern Dairies Ltd is also nil
5. DII hold 0.04% stake in Modern Dairies Ltd.
6. FY 2013-14 net revenue ( net sales) is 638.31 cr. and when we divide net sales 638.31 cr from total number of shares 23319831 we get a value of 273.71 ( net sales per share in FY 2013-14).
7. If you read my book The Winning Theory in Stock Market then you are already familiar with my target strategy so generally I am not give any price targets and ratings in my fundamental recommendations .
8. Base price ( last 3 year average price) of Modern Dairies Ltd is 13.44 , It is advisable to buy a stock below base price so if Modern Dairies Ltd available below 13.44 in any market falls then it is a best long term buy.
9. No any Dividend history find in Modern Dairies Ltd stock, in 2007 Modern Dairies Ltd give 1:1 bonus share ( in  2007 stock touch his all time high of 212).
10. Discloser:- I am an exiting research analyst and applied for a grant of registration under SEBI(RESEARCH ANALYSTS) REGULATIONS, 2014 and I have/my wife have no any stocks of this company so my personal interest is not included in this stock.


Purshotam Longani said...

As seen in Modern Dairies fundamentals, kindly suggest on decreasing Cash Flow and increasing sales figures for last couple of years. IS it a Red Flag?

Mahesh chander kaushik said...

Increasing sales figures is a positive sign

Kishan Nandaniya said...

Hello sir, shall i buy it now @13.65

Kishan Nandaniya said...

Should I buy it now?

Mahesh chander kaushik said...

Kishan ji I already say in point 8 that Base price ( last 3 year average price) of Modern Dairies Ltd is 13.44 , It is advisable to buy a stock below base price so if Modern Dairies Ltd available below 13.44 in any market falls then it is a best long term buy.
Discloser:-My wife hold modern dairies shares.

Kishan Nandaniya said...

Thank you sir for your valuable advice but sir according to you what will be holding period for it to get max. profit?

Divya said...

Krishna ji
Is there any chance to make money by buying in bse and sell in nse without any risk and make good money

ritiesh said...

Lincoln pharma...good buy ...result was fabulous in last qtr..

Unknown said...

Modern Dairies having a negative book value and reserves from 2011 onwards. Still do you suggest to buy this share?? If yes , can you please let us know the reason.

Unknown said...

What about super tannery sir?

shobha parmar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

Super tannery have unstable year high /low above 2
Stock have recent bulk deal
Super tannery promoters have 50 % above pledged share
So this is an Avoid

Unknown said...

Sir wats your view on guj nre coke...

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

Guj NRE coke is a trading stock but my view is negative due to reducing promoters holding 100% pledged stocks,year high/low is above 2

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