Tuesday, September 23, 2014


1.VEER ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD is a 1 Rupee face value stock, In 2010 when Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd traded at 23 then I publish a reply on sharegenius blog that people may avoid this stock read this story here "Veer Energy "
2. When you read above article then you knew that in 2010 promoters reduce theire holding in Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd so I recommended to avoid it. 
3. Now after 4 year of correction this stock is traded at 4.11 and promoters holding is constant 35.53 % since last 4 years. Book value of this stock also improve at 6.08 So now Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd traded below book value. 
4. Last year net revenue per share of Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is near 9 ,that's good 
5. Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is a dividend paying stock and pay 0.06 Rupee per share dividend since last 4 years. 
6. Now I want to discuss recommendation  of confidence petroleum in my earlier article, someone buy confidence petro and now ask me that sir can i book loss...oh this is really painful situation to me where readers not read my full theory of investment..So for new readers I recommended that they first read my book" The Winning theory in stock market " to understand my theory. 
7. Overall i give a summery for those who not buy my book that we invest only 1000-4000 rupee in a penny stock and do not worry if stock fall we only book profit above 25% see past performance of this blog articles here 
Past performance of Penny share blog 
8. I have no any share of Veer Energy  Infrastructure ltd.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Confidence Petroleum India Limited @2.75

1.Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a 1 rupee face value oil marketing and distribution company.
2.Confidence Petroleum India Limited is traded at 2.75 only and year high of Confidence Petroleum India Limited is 3.48, year low 1.55, Which is slightly above 2
3. Net Revenue per share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited is 9.15 so I think this stock has steam to become a multibagger penny stock.
4. Confidence Petroleum India Limited Correct from price of 34.45 ( In 2008 Confidence Petroleum India Limited touch all time high 34.45) and now after 6 year of correction I think this is a right time to buy and forget Confidence Petroleum India Limited for penny stock speculation return in next rally in this stock.
5. New reader please do not forget that my penny share blog give speculative risky recommendations but if you visit my website maheshkaushik.com then you find fundamental sound recommendations.
6. Promoters holding in Confidence Petroleum India Limited is constant since last some years at 46.32 % . with 2.25% FII holding
7. I have no any share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited but as usual my wife ordered 1000 share of Confidence Petroleum India Limited.
8. Important Notice:- All of my 4 blogs are shifted in my main website maheshkaushik,com with a new look here are the new address of my blogs
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