Tuesday, September 23, 2014


1.VEER ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD is a 1 Rupee face value stock, In 2010 when Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd traded at 23 then I publish a reply on sharegenius blog that people may avoid this stock read this story here "Veer Energy "
2. When you read above article then you knew that in 2010 promoters reduce theire holding in Veer Energy & Infrastructure ltd so I recommended to avoid it. 
3. Now after 4 year of correction this stock is traded at 4.11 and promoters holding is constant 35.53 % since last 4 years. Book value of this stock also improve at 6.08 So now Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd traded below book value. 
4. Last year net revenue per share of Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is near 9 ,that's good 
5. Veer Energy &Infrastructure ltd is a dividend paying stock and pay 0.06 Rupee per share dividend since last 4 years. 
6. Now I want to discuss recommendation  of confidence petroleum in my earlier article, someone buy confidence petro and now ask me that sir can i book loss...oh this is really painful situation to me where readers not read my full theory of investment..So for new readers I recommended that they first read my book" The Winning theory in stock market " to understand my theory. 
7. Overall i give a summery for those who not buy my book that we invest only 1000-4000 rupee in a penny stock and do not worry if stock fall we only book profit above 25% see past performance of this blog articles here 
Past performance of Penny share blog 
8. I have no any share of Veer Energy  Infrastructure ltd.

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