Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Your 63.27% Profit in Chandra Prabhu International Limited (CPIL) @20.85

Respected Readers, 
I am happy to announce 36 th profit booking of this blog. 

See our last 36 profit booking details here where all profits are above 25 % to 200 %:- 
Past Profit Booking of My Penny Share Part 2 
I Recommended Chandra Prabhu International Limited (CPIL) on 05 June 2016 @ 12.77 see original article where I posted this stock recommendation here:- 
Chandra Prabhu International Limited (CPIL) Buy @12.77 
After this recommendation stock touch, new 52 weeks high 30.00 on 20 Sept 2016 So actually stock gives 134.92% return, and most of my followers may already book profits.
 But as a custom of my penny share blog, I always publish sell calls for my penny stock recommendations.
Why I Recommended to Sell: - Due to more the 33% fall from the year high I think all steam of this stock is gone.
Please be cautious because this stock still traded over his 200 DMA 16.05 and If not break 16.05 in downside then the stock may revival again So profit booking recommendation is not a sign of down-trend. 
Why I do not publish sell call for my other 3 type of recommendations: - I give 4 type of stock recommendations If you are a new reader, then please visit this link for understanding all 4 type of my stock calls:-
Type of Mahesh Kaushik Recommendations ( App Recommendations Performance)
In my other 3 type of recommendation sell call not published because:-
1. Multibagger Stocks Calls: -Fundamentally sound share published on  under this category, and I think followers hold these stocks for more than 1 year so after 1 year they book their tax-free profits by his own decision, Read Chandu story to understand how to book profits on these calls: - Chandu Story Link
2. Trading Calls: - These calls published on my sharegenius blog and I think investor may book quick 20%+ profits in these calls read this chinki story if you did not read yet: - Chinki Story Link
3. App Recommendations: - No any research reports published for app recommendations and app post push notifications about 30,50,150, and 200 DMA breakout stocks and anyone buy these stocks for 10%+ quick gain, Download my app from this link:-
So only penny share blog has not any sure rule about book profits this is the reason I provide sell calls only for penny shares.
Indian Edition of my book available at only @297:-

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