Sunday, November 11, 2012


1.ESKAY K'N'IT (INDIA) LTD is a 1 rupee face value textile stock. 
2. Year high and year low is 1.65 and 0.77 
3.Promoters holding 57.32 % 
4.Stock split is happen in 2005 so i think in last 7 year stock see all his downside now the time of regain is start. 
5. DOWNLOAD 2012 anual report of ESKAY K'N'IT (INDIA) LTD here
6.I have 1000 share of ESKAY K'N'IT (INDIA) LTD. so this is my dis-closer
7. Icici direct code for ESKAY K'N'IT (INDIA) LTD is SHRKP.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mahesh

Please share some top 5 penny stocks that we can invest now.

Thank you

Unknown said...

Dear Mahesh,

Planning to buy 1000 shares of Eskay K'NIT and Paras petrofils.

What will be the target for one year ?
Planning to hold it for 1-2 years.
Please need your valuable comments.

Thanks and Regards,

Mahesh Chander Kaushik said...

sukhvinder....your 5 share 1. first source solution ltd 2. paras petro 3. eskay knit india ltd 4. country club india ltd 5. wait for a new penny stock on this blog after new research i do not update so quick on this blog because choose a penny stock after filtering 50-100 penny stocks on my choosing criteria s
yograj bhat:_ i am also hold both stocks paras petro and eskay knit not knew any target but i hold just for one year after one year wen return are tax free i decided to sell them if more than 50 % profits there otherwise just hold and wait 50 % + retrun.

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