Friday, August 10, 2012


Penny stocks are like a scrap because most of companies which stock traded at such a low price are sick units. So choosing a sound penny stock is difficult job.
Today i tell you some of my criteria to choose a good penny stock for this blog and my own investment.
i follow these rules strictly for investing in a penny share:-
1. It year high/ year low ratio is not more than 2( two). for understanding this concept read
2. It promoters holding is must be more than 20 % and promoters not reduce there holdings in last one year
3. It market price is less than ONE YEAR NET REVENUE PER SHARE and net sells or net revenue is not nil .
4. No recent stock spilt or bonus issue activity in last 3 year. because in most of stock spilt and bonus  stock not move near 3-5 year.
5. No bulk deals in last 2 year.
Most of popular penny stocks like cals refineries birla cotsyn sgn telecom gv films sanra media etc not full fill these criteria. 
 I scan many penny companies per day for this blog and my own investment and if find any companies on these criteria than post it on this blog.
So just start following this blog for results of my penny stocks scanning on these rules.

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