Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Your 68.23% Profits In Cubex Tubings Ltd & My 3rd Book Is Published

Respected Readers, 
I am happy to announce 39 th profit booking of this blog. 

See our last 39 profit booking details here where all profits are above 25 % to 200 %:- 
I Recommended Cubex Tubings Ltd on 01 June 2017 @ 14.00 see the original article where I posted this stock recommendation here:- 
After this recommendation stock open on 14.70 (with 5%+ upper circuit), after that stock continue traded on the upper circuit, I give target 25.84 for this stock but my wise followers start profit booking at today upper circuit price 24.73 and finally stock closed @22.38 and today we see a high volume of 997170 shares It means most of the investor book his profit.
Here are the volume and delivery recorded from 2 June 2017:-

DateOpenHighLowCloseWAPNo. of
No. of
Total TurnoverDeliverable Quantity% Deli. Qty to Traded Qty* Spread

So I think if you do not book profit yet then book your profit in Cubex Tubings.
I knew honesty is the best policy so I consider buying price 14.70 (next day close price) instead of 14.00 (recommended price) and I honestly calculate return on today closing price 22.38 (instead of today high 24.73) then it is 68.23%, and due to this sell call, it is also possible that on 20.06.2017 stock open below today closing price.
My 3rd book will available from 20.06.2017: - I am happy to announce that Kindle edition of my 3rd book "

Top 100 Diversified Undervalued Indian Stocks For FY 2017-2018" Is available from 20.06.17.

Here is the link of Amazon India:-

Other Important Update: -Multibaggers Stocks 2018
Discloser: -My wife still holds 360 shares of Cubex Tubings which she buys on 08.06.17 @ 17.80, Due to SEBI restrictions for research analysts she does not sell her 360 shares within 5 days of publishing this sell call.
Before profit booking in my wife stocks, It is my moral duty that first my followers get the exit, So I publish this sell call and my wife will sell her stock if she is sitting on a sufficient profit after 5 days.
If after 5 days stock down below her buying price or she not get profits then we do not worry because we invest a little amount in a single stock and able to hold for long period of time.
  Read my full discloser on original buying recommendation article which links I given above.

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