Saturday, December 14, 2013

Biral cotsyn, Teledata info and Ind Tradeco ltd

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Dear Maheshji Please advice on the following dumb investments that I made: 
 Birla Cotsyn Share: Bought at 0.43 now at 0.11 (Biggest Loss as I bought 30,000 shares) 
Teledata Technology: Bought at 0.33 now at 0.12 (25,000 shares) 
Intradeco: Bought at 0.22 now at 0.16 (20,000 shares) 
Kind Regards
 Samir K Pawaskar 
1.Samir ji, Birla cotsyn is a 1 rupee face value textile stock with 18.52% promoters holding 52 week high of birla cotsyn is 0.20 and 52 week low is 0.08 stock traded at 0.10, In 2009 stock spilt from 10 rupee face value to 1 rupee face value and in 2010 birla cotsyn give bonus share at 1:5 ratio 
2.So stock of birla cotsyn is not bad but if you read my book then you knew that after stock split and bonus issue a stock enter in 2-3 year rest zone.
3. In birla cotsyn you already see most of bad time and now i think birla cotsyn is neat his bottom and a after a revival plan of company if stock is not de listed then you get your price again in coming months. ( some time revival plan come with delisting like gujrat sidhee cement company  reduce stock quantity to repay debt ) 
4.Teledata technology already suspended and delisted so it is very hard to make any comment about future of a suspended company. 
5.Ind tradeco ltd have a good positive sign of recovery because promoters of ind tradeco ltd increase their holding from 29.86% to 30.43 % and increasing in promoters holding is always a good sign for me. 
6. Overall remember these golden penny stock investing rules
 * Not buy huge quantity in penny stocks.
 * Do not buy after a recent bonus and split issue. 
* do not buy if year high / low ratio is above 2. 
7. Discloser:- I am not hold birla cotsyn and teledata info but Indtradco is in my personal holding

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