Sunday, March 13, 2011


1. ENSA STEEL INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value iron and steel company.
2. book value of ensa steel industries is 138.90 and share traded at 10 only
3. in my past article of FSP series i recommended ensa steel @ 11 and book 72.72 % profit in ensa steel and share touch a new high 27.09 at 10 dec 2010 now share come back again 10.
4. 52 week high of ensa steel ltd is 27.09 and 52 week low is 9.04
5. promoter holding of ensa steel ltd is 29.59 %
6. EPS of ensa steel ltd is -0.40 so company is currently in loss , it is the main reason of share low price but I think when company turn around in profit share easily multiple from here so I told this share in FSP series of this blog.
7.Ensa steel ltd was incorporated on 25th January 1984, as Palace Beauty Estates and Properties Ltd.
8.The name of the Palace Beauty Estates and Properties Ltd was changed to Ensa Steel and Developers Ltd. on 19th July, 1989 and to Ensa Steel Industries Ltd. on 26th December 1990.
9. The commercial production of the ensa steel is started in 1988.
10. Mr. Nitin J. Sandesara is the chairman and M.D of the ensa steel ltd.



Anand said...

I bought 1000 at 10.9.

Now I am in big loss what should I do?

mahesh chander kaushik said...

respected anand ji
i think you buy this quantity before my article but no problem stock is trading at 9.60 and 1.30 is not called huge loss but you feel uncomfortable due to your huge quantity so first of all i request you that all penny share is not safe so please trading in penny share only when, then you have capacity to see loss on paper and invest only small money in penny stocks.
however i think fundamental is not changed and one could hold it .

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