Friday, May 28, 2010


1.Cals refineries promoters hold only 0.11 percent share in this company and Shares held by Custodians and against which Depository Receipts have been issued 83.98 percent (custodian name is The Bank of Newyork Mellon DR) so public share holding is 99.89 percent and there are a huge equity capital of cals refineries.
2.Total 7,931,300,000 shares of Cals refineries held by general public and company total sale of 2008-09 is 0.27 cr only. currentaly cals have no production.
3. face value of cals refinary share is 1 only and book value of this share is 0.99 wonder that in June 09 total 69058 individual hold 517390204 share of this company and most of them is whose they trapped in this share at high price and wait for a move in this share they came to selling on every high level.
5.cals set up a 5 MMTPA refinary at halda currentaly work at progress and will start production at 2011.
6. fundamental of this share is poor but i think when this refinary start production near about after 1-2 year speculation run in this share may be seen.
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