Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi my name is deep nevgi. I am 21 years old. I am looking to invest 2000 in penny stock. Please suggest me two penny stocks below rs 2. I want to invest for long term for around 5 years. Please help me by suggesting a good penny stock with average fundamentals
1. Deep ji I like your interesting idea for speculate 2000 rupee in 2 share and forget them for 5 year so I work hard for selecting 2 companies for this criteria.
2. I choose these 2 companies for this type speculation investing first mega corp. ltd second is Birla cotsyn ltd.
3. Mega corporation ltd is a 1 rupee face value IT software company traded at 0.93
4. Mega holidays ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of mega corp. ltd and company plan to disinvestment it so 5 year view is not strict if you multiple your money earlier then you may sell it before 5 year.
5. Book value of mega corporation ltd is 3.06 promoter holding in mega corporation ltd is 52.88 %
6. Birla cotsyn India ltd is a 1 rupee face value textile company traded at 0.68 with promoter holding 18.64 % and book value of 1.03

7. I THINK YOU KNEW THAT THIS IS RISKY and i am not lible for any loss. i have no any share of both of companies.


Anonymous said...

I suggest to buy 5000 shares of SANRAA MEDIA @ 0.18 paise.

Anonymous said...

mega corp not a IT software co.its a radio taxi provider in india.

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